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Tx360 is an applicator that helps your physician to provide a nerve block to the Sphenopalatine Ganglion without the use of needles by spraying the medicine into your nasal passageways in a specific direction to effect these nerves that are directly related to many migraine headaches.  When applied correctly, this simple, non-invasive procedure can be done in a few minutes and provide relief from migraine headaches in minutes.  A series of these procedures can help to provide longer relief from your migraines.  Your physician at Vitality Medical Centers can help recommend the best treatment plan to provide you the most effective treatment for your migraine headaches.

The Tx360® Nasal Applicator is a specially designed medical device intended for use in adults to deliver small amounts of fluid selected by a healthcare professional to the nasal pathway. It is intended for use on adult patients with intact nasal mucosa. The device allows easy, safe and instant access to the inner most hidden areas of the nasal pathway.