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Corticosteroid injections may help patients with knee pain due to injury, arthritis, or other inflammatory conditions. These injections may help relieve pain and inflammation in your knee joint.  Typically, steroid injections consist of a corticosteroid medication and a local anethetic.  Because of possible side effects, repetitive injections are usually not recommended.

Why Choose Steroid Injections for Knee Pain?

Steroid injections are done when a patient has an acute injury and/or inflammation in their knee joint.  For minor injuries, this may be all a patient will need.  If the injury or condition is more serious, we have other conservative interventions that may be more helpful.

Why Choose Vitality Medical Centers for My Knee Steroid Injection?

When doing knee injections, the providers at Vitality Medical Centers use imaging such as ultrasound or fluoroscopy to watch the procedure and make sure the material is placed in the correct spot.  Because of this, the likelihood of getting positive results is higher than “going in blind”.