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A wrist splint is a device that looks similar to a glove without fingers.  It is used to stabilize the wrist in a neutral or slightly extended position.  Wrist splints help to minimize the pressure on the nerves going into the hand to provide a period of relative rest from the movements that tend to make carpal tunnel syndrome worse.

When do I wear a wrist splint?

Once your doctor has ordered a wrist splint for your carpal tunnel syndrome, he or she will inform you of the optimal times to wear the splint.  In order to prevent a weakening of the muscles in the arm and hand, it is typical for the splint to be worn only at night and for a specific set of exercises to be given.

Can I buy one at the local drug store?

While many corner drug stores carry wrist splints, it is advised to be evaluated for your condition first and determine if a wrist splint is a good option for you.  If it is, consider getting a proper wrist splint that has been ordered by your physician specifically for your condition.  These splints are relatively inexpensive and may be covered by your insurance.