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What is Neural Prolotherapy?
Neural prolotherapy is another method to help ease pain in patients with neuropathy symptoms. This treatment is a more specific version of traditional prolotherapy because it targets neurogenic inflammation, in superficial nerves – in other words, irritated, painful nerves just under the skin. These nerves can be a significant cause of pain, numbness, burning, tingling and other discomfort when injuries and certain chronic conditions such as peripheral neuropathy form.  The injections contain low concentrations of dextrose or mannitol (natural sugars)that are administered just under the skin at multiple selected points along the pathways of the inflamed nerves to both decrease the symptoms and promote healing. Dextrose, one of the most common substances found in traditional prolotherapy, is presumed to decrease the production of proteins that amplify pain (e.g. substance P, CGRP) and upregulate substances that promote pain reduction and healing (e.g. galanin, somatostatin) .  Injecting directly into these painful nerves just under the skin can go so far as to affect the symptoms felt in deeper structures like joints and muscles.

What is the procedure for Neural Prolotherapy?
After your provider has completed a thorough history and physical examination, the patient may set a date and prepare for the treatment.  For the best success, we typically recommend treatments twice per week for five weeks for an average of 10 treatments depending on the severity of the neuropathy.