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Is ICE or HEAT better for my severe back pain?

Great Question! The answer to this question depends on the stage of healing that your body is going through. In the acute stage of healing, when inflammation is setting in (usually at the time of onset to 72 hours), it is best to use ice on the injured site due...

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Magic’s Dwight Howard has been diagnosed with a herniated disc

This past week it was announced that Magic’s Dwight Howard had been diagnosed with a herniated disc in his lower back. In the last few games he has played, you could tell he was in pain. Dwight Howard was trying to play through the pain and hoping it would go...

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The most common causes of sciatica (pain down the legs)

When discussing sciatica it is important to understand the underlying medical cause of the sciatica symptoms in order to find effective treatment. 6 Most Common Causes of Sciatica There are 6 lower back problems that are the most common causes of sciatica: Lumbar herniated disc A herniated disc occurs when...

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